City of Chicago

  • Department of Aviation
  • Public Building Commission
  • Housing Authority
  • Department of Water Management
  • Park District


City of Detroit

  • Department of Waste Water Management


City of Indianapolis

  • Department of Water Distribution
  • Department of Waste Water
  • Indianapolis Light and Power


City of Racine Wisconsin

  • Department of Water Distribution

City of San Antoino

  • Waste Water Treatment

City of Bloomington, IL

  • Water Department

North Shore Sanitary District

  • Highland Park Location


DuPage County Water Commission

  • Municipalities and Agencies Throughout DuPage County, Illinois


University of Illinois

  • Urbana/ Champaign, IL


Illinois Department of Transportation

United States Postal Service

  • United States Dept of Army and Navy

BP Amoco

  • Naperville IL


Mobile Oil

  • Joliet, IL


Shell Pipeline


Peoples Gas

Arogonne National Laboratory

Dow Chemical

  • Midwest and Southeastern United States


Abbott Labs

  • Abbott Park, IL





Eastman Kodak

  • Kingsport Tenn



CN Railroad

Jewel Foods

  • Melrose Park, IL


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