Newly completed and ongoing projects

Completed Projects: 2015/2016


Advanced Welding in 2015 was subcontracted to perform welding on the JANE ADAMS I-90 Relocation Project.

Relocation involved 90” – 24” Water Transmission Main, connecting the service of water to communities, from Elk Grove Village to Stream wood , IL . 90” and 72” Line stops were needed. Also included were 48” and 24” temporary Steel By-Pass Lines to be installed and welded. All Prestressed Concrete Tie-Ins and Closures were 100% welded.

All work was successfully completed on time by General Contractor with the support of Advanced Welding.

Completed Projects: 2014

ATS SYSTEM (O’Hare  International Airport)

Advanced Welding was awarded the contract from a General Contractor to both demo and reinstall a 1300′ section of the ATS (O’Hare Airport Automatic Train System).

This project was needed by the State of Illinois to expand feeder ramps out of O’Hare Airport.

The Project Concerns:

The north section of the system would need to be shut down. People needing to access the terminals would now be transferred by bus.

Working over I-190 and the CTA Blue line (Main traffic into Airport.) The project had a completion date of 90 days.

Our project responsibilites:

  • To work closely with other subcontractors, maintain schedules and meetings.
  • Advanced Welding demoed existing track-work and re-install new rails.
  • Installed Shielding and Fall protection.
  • Fabricated all the concrete Tie Mounting Plates, Washers, Shims and other mounting plates, in the Advanced Welding shop.

Advanced supplied shop drawings for the Power/Guidance Rails and Negative Return Rails, Expansion Joints, Walkway supports and Walkway. These items were also fabricated at our facility.

Project completed on time within 90 days.


Ongoing Projects:

United States Postal Service: (various locations)

Modifying Roof Structures and Piping

United States Department of Army

Rebuilt and Modify 14 Floating Pontoon Bridges


Support Welding on Structures and Equipment.

United States Great Lakes Naval Base

Demo, Fabrication and Installation of new Canopy.

McCook Reservoir – Ground Water Monitoring

Fabricated items and Welding at location.

JAWA WATER AGENCY (Completed Projects 2015 / 2016)


Piping and Valve Installation in Pump Station

Lowering 90” Field Welded Closure – during By-Pass

Stainless Steel Air Piping for W.W.T.P Install in Field

90” P.C.C.P. Welded. Joint welded in poor soil conditions.

120” x 1.00 Wall Steel Casing

48” Steel Temporary By-Pass Line from 90” P.C.C.P Line Stop

12” and 48” in operation for by-Pass Piping on Line Stop

72” P.C.C.P Connections welded during 90” Line Stop

72” Steel Pipe being installed in Casing

Stainless Steel Air Piping for W.W.T.P - Shop Fabrication

72” Steel Pipe Modifications in Field.

State Of Illinois / City Of Chicago I-190 Ats Bridge Pier Relocation Completed Fall 2014

Concrete Tie Plates Plates, Channels, Power/Guidance Negative Return Rail, Shims, all fabricated by Advanced Welding

Temporary Bumper - Fabricated at shop and installed by Advanced Welding and Equipment.

Bumper End Stops

Setting on Base Plates

Demo of Existing Track work

New Piers and Approach SLAB

Night work over I-190 and CTA Blue Line

Installation of Tack Work Ties and Walkway

Materials shipped from Siemens, located in France

Advanced always has equipment Lockout / Tagout

Other Projects 2014- 2015

Our equipment is maintained and able to work in clean areas, like this newly installed gymnasium floor.

One of our clients needed our assistance on a rock quarry project

United Airlines - Flight Display PanelAluminum and Stainless Steel. Fabricated and Installed by Advanced Welding

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